Go Texan Restaurant Roundup, July 21-27

The seventh annual GO TEXAN Restaurant Round-Up is just around the corner. Make your plans to dine out during the annual dine-out week, featuring the flavors of Texas as GO TEXAN restaurants highlight the finest Lone Star food and wine and also make donations to food banks across the state. View a list of this year’s participating restaurants. Sign up hereGo Texan for monthly updates on food, wine and more from GO TEXAN.

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What Chemical Additives Are In Your Wine?

Did you assume that your favorite wine was just fermented grape juice. Think again. Mega-wineries and even some small boutique wineries rely upon chemical additives to adjust the flavor and even the color of their wines. Paul Draper, chief winemaker at Ridge, thinks it’s time for all wineries to include their ingredients on their labels. Read about Paul’s battle with other winemakers here.

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The Stories Behind Texas Wine

Russell Kane, writer of the Wineslinger Chronicles, was interviewed by Houston Matters about Texas wines and the people behind them.  Listen to the interview here:

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How Science Can Detect Counterfeit Wine

Bill Koch, brother to the controversial Koch brothers, paid $500,000 for four bottles of wine that were represented to have belonged to Thomas Jefferson.  Rumors began to surface that the bottles were counterfeit when a review of Jefferson’s records showed he had never ordered wine from the 1787 vintage.

A physicist from the University of Bordeaux, Philippe Hubert was consulted.  He had discovered that wines bottled before 1945 do not contain Cesium 137, a radioactive isotope first found on earth after the first atomic bomb tests.  The Jefferson wines did not contain Cesium 137 which meant the wine was bottled before 1945.

Further investigation revealed that the initials Th.J. had been engraved in the bottles using a modern dental drill.  The wines were clearly counterfeit.  Read more details on how science can detect counterfeit wine in this NPR article.

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50 Miles to Harvest — Front Porch Gourmet in the Brazos Valley

50 Miles to Harvest

50 Miles to Harvest

The editorial board of Houston Wine attended the 50 Miles to Harvest Dinner at The Citadel in Brenham, Texas last night.  The dinner was sponsored by local farmers Brad and Jenny Stufflebeam who own the Home Sweet Farm Market in Brenham.  The chef for  last night’s dinner was Sonya Coté from Austin’s Hillside Farmacy and Eden EastContinue reading

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Port Wine Tasting Today at The Empty Glass

There will be a tasting of Port wines at The Empty Glass in Tomball today, May 17, 2014 from 2 pm to 5 pm.

According to the Empty Glass, Port first became popular in the 17th century when the English were at war with France, and could therefore not drink French wines.  The English went in search of a new location to set up vineyards, and the Duoro Valley proved to be quite suitable.  The vineyards are laid out along very steep hills, terraced to provide footing for the vines.

In the seafaring days when this occurred, something had to be done to the wine to allow it to survive the long ocean journeys.  Brandy was added to allow the wine to last longer and to be resistant to temperature changes.  Wines altered like this were called “fortified wines”.

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New Wines from Houston Winery Now Available

Houston Winery’s 2013 wines have been released for sale at Water 2 Wine in Houston.  Three wines are available: a semi-sweet Blanc du Bois, a Blanc du Bois dessert wine called Blanc Beryl, and a Black Spanish dessert wine called Spanish Schorl.

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