Opus One Gets Two Thumbs Up from Supreme Court Justice

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg nodded off at the President’s recent State of the Union address.  When questioned about her impromptu nap, Justice Ginsburg said “Before we went to the State of the Union, Justice Kennedy brought in … it was an Opus something or other, very fine California wine…”  Needless to say, Opus One was delighted by the shout out.  As fans of both Opus One and Justice Ginsburg, the entire staff at HoustonWine.com is grinning as well.

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Argentine Wine Exports Hit by 40% Inflation Rate

The economic crisis in Argentina is having an impact on its wineries.  Inflation reached the 40% level last year which makes it unprofitable for many Argentine wineries to export their wines.  Read more about the effect of the economic crisis on Argentine wines here >>.

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Napa Winery Eliminates “Dwarfs” from its Name

A new winery planned for the Napa Valley has decided to drop the word “dwarfs” from its name but will retain statues of little people at the front gate of the winery.  The Del Dotto family intended to name their new winery Ca’Nani which is Italian for House of Dwarfs.  However, their plans sparked a controversy that led to the recent announcement that the winery will be named Piazza del Dotto.  The chief operating officer of the family company was quoted as saying “We do plan on having some little people working there.”  Read more here >>. 

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Fine Wine and Sunshine: Auction and Art Show Benefit for Sunshine Kids

Houston Winery and Water 2 Wine will host a  benefit for the Sunshine Kids. It’s titled Fine Wine and Sunshine and will be held on April 25 from 6-10pm. The benefit consists of an Art show and Art auction with live music, raffle prices, silent auction, and food.  Get details here >>

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Chinese Investors Snap Up 100 Bordeaux Vineyards

China is now the main export market for French Bordeaux wines.  The growing popularity of wine in China has led Chinese investors to buy Bordeaux châteaux to the chagrin of many French wine makers.  The Telegraph media group reports that Chinese investors have now purchased 100 Bordeaux vineyards and are now setting their sights on vineyards in Burgundy.  Read the full article here. >>

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March 16th — Paul Goerg Champagne Dinner at Museum Park Cafe

Join Museum Park Cafe on Monday, March 16, as they welcome Mario
Rinaldi, Brand Ambassador of PAUL GOERG. The acclaimed winegrower is located in
the famous Côte des Blancs vineyards, the cradle of the greatest Champagne
Chardonnays. Begin the evening at 7 pm with an intimate reception before the
7:30 seating. Guests will delight in a special, four-course menu from Chef Jason
White with champagne pairings from PAUL GOERG’s 120-hectare vineyard in Vertus,
a unique domaine that gives their product a rare richness and variety. Savor the
elegance, finesse and purity of Chardonnay, a variety limited to 28% of vines
grown in Champagne, distinguishing Champagnes PAUL GOERG from the rest.

The four-course menu highlights include Scallop Crudo, Striped Bass, Duck Confit
and Pistachio Yogurt with Pomegranate. The dinner with pairings is priced at $89
per person + tax and gratuity. To make a reservation please call 713.520.0108.

Click here to view the full menu: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/iy87uaal5lwvem0/AABbpiwlABLKDrbanCuXxHXla?dl=0

WHERE: Museum Park Cafe, 1801 Binz Street, Suite 110

WHEN: Monday, March 16
7 pm reception
7:30 pm seating

CONTACT: 713.520.0108

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Texas Wines Win Record Number of Competitions

CraveDFW.com reports that 2014 was a banner year for Texas wines.  In competitions against wines from California, Oregon, Washington, Europe, and Australia/New Zealand, Texas wines scored a record number of wins.  Read the details here. >>

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