Cantina Terlano Wine Dinner

Divino Italian Restaurant

9/26/2013 from 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm

Judith Underholzner from Cantina Terlano in Alto Adige will be joining Divino for a dinner featuring courses inpired by this winery’s award-winning white and red wines. Cantina Terlano is perhaps the region’s most lauded winery, excelling at expressive single-vineyard reds and eminently ageable whites from the Dolimiti Mountains in Northern Italy. Here are the wines they have lined up:

2012 ‘Terlaner’ (pinot bianco, chard, sauv blanc)

2009 ‘Nova Dominus’ (pinot bianco, chard, sauv blanc)

2008/10/11 Vertical ‘Vorberg’ (single vyd. pinot bianco)

2011 Santa Maddalena (schiava & lagrein)

2009 ‘Porphyr’ (singe vyd. lagrein)

($85 + tax & gratuity)

Details Here