Have you ever wondered if you could drink a glass of wine without removing the cork from the bottle?  Thanks to modern science, you can now do so.  The new Coravin Wine Access System is being sold at Neiman Marcus.  Here’s how it works.  First, you pull down on a lever that pushes a long needle through the cork and into the bottle.  Then, you pull a trigger which injects inert Argon gas into the bottle.  When you release the trigger, wine flows into your glass through the needle.  Once your glass is full, you pull up the lever which removes the needle from the cork.  The cork seals itself up around the small hole created by the needle.  The Argon gas preserves the remaining wine in the “unopened” bottle.  According to the Coravin sales representative, the system can be used with either cork or plastic corks.  She stated that many high-end restaurants in the Houston area are beginning to purchase these devices to offer expensive wines by the glass.  The system is being sold at Neiman Marcus for $350.    Here’s a video demonstration of the system: