No wine news tonight.  Instead, Mary Pat and I  wanted to share with you a tremendous restaurant experience we had tonight.  It was, by far, the best Thanksgiving dinner of our lives.  We’ve had wonderful meals in restaurants all over the world.  However, the staff at Roka Akor in Houston put together a Thanksgiving feast that was as good as any dinner we’ve had anywhere.

Roka Akor’s staff

The evening started with a Mizuna Salad with Pecans, cranberry and Yuzu Thyme.  Next came a fantastic rich and creamy Robata Grilled Pumpkin Miso soup with Almond Oil and roasted pumpkin seeds.   The next course was Chilean Sea Bass with Lemon soy Butter along with Cauliflower with Wafu Butter.  The Robata Grilled Turkey Breast with Barley Miso and Shittake Mushrooms was some of the most tender, moist, and flavorful turkey we have ever had..  Not content with serving just turkey breast, the staff at Roka Akor followed up with Japanese Style Fried Turkey Leg with Smoked Chili Aioli and Butternut Squash Tempura with Black Peppercorn Tensuyu.  The dessert was Pecan Pie with Persimmon Pomegranate Compote and Salted Caramel Ice Cream.  Mary Pat and I always considered the pecan pie at Goode and Company Barbecue to be the benchmark by which we judged all pecan pies.  Roka Akor’s pecan pie was in a class all by itself.  All in all we thought this was the finest Thanksgiving meal we have ever experienced and, best of all, we didn’t have to cook it ourselves.  Thanks to the staff at Roka Akor for a great evening and a tremendous meal.