You may recognize Kyle McLaughlin from movies like Blue Velvet and Dune or from the TV series Twin Peaks.  What you may not know is that McLaughlin is an active winemaker.  His Washington state winery, Pursued by Bear, has gained critical acclaim in recent years for its Pacific Northwest wines.

McLaughlin came to Houston several years ago to introduce Houston wine lovers to his cabernet sauvignon, syrah, and rosé wines.  He told at that time that he opened his winery in Walla Walla in an attempt to get back to his home state of Washington and to be closer to his father.   Where did the name “Pursued by Bear” come from? It’s from McLaughlin’s experience as a Shakespearean actor.  A stage direction in The Winter’s Tale instructs the actor to leave the stage quickly as if pursued by a bear.

You can read more about McLaughlin and his comparison of the rigors of acting vs. the hardships of being a winemaker in today’s article from The Daily Beast.