HoustonWine.com owns three wine refrigerators.  This NewAir Dual Zone wine and beverage fridge is our favorite.  It is designed to store up to 20 bottles of wine and up to 70 cans of beer or soda.  Some of the features that we really like are:

  • Dual Zone Temperature Controls (36-50 F (upper zone) and 50-66 F (lower zone).  This allows you to keep your wine at a steady 55 F while chilling your beer and sodas down to a frosty 36 F.
  • Split shelf design. The unit comes with two full-size metal shelves that can hold up to 70 cans of beer or soda.  A smaller half shelf is also provided that can be substituted for the top shelf.  This allows you to stand tall beer bottles or soda cans upright.
  • Quiet operation.  Our other two wine refrigerators are noisy. This unit is whisper quiet.
  • Smooth rolling wine racks.  These racks pull all the way out with little if any vibration.  If you don’t want to stir up sediment in your wine bottles, these smooth rolling shelves are for you.
  • LED lighting.  The blue LED lights are contemporary looking and help you to find just the right bottle of wine at night.
  • Front facing compressor.  This fridge can be used as a stand-alone unit or as a built-in under-cabinet fridge.
  • Door lock.  If you don’t want teenagers helping themselves to your cold beer or fine wine, this unit can be locked.
  • Triple-pane insulated glass. The glass is not only insulated, it also blocks the majority of UVA rays and almost all UVB rays.

Whether you are looking for a wine and beverage fridge for your restaurant, bar, home, office, or man cave, this fridge is a great buy.  We give it a five-star rating.

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